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Born in Vipiteno , Italy in 1971 I have worked for many years as an illustrator in numerous projects of children's literature with several italian publishers, Giunti , Raffaello Editrice, De Agostini, Piemme, Mondadori…

In the last few years, on the other hand, I have collaborated on several projects ( Modern Art, Zombicide, The World of Smog, Massive Darkness) with the CMON company and GUILLOTINE GAMES, which produces board games.

In parallel i refined and perfected my qualities as a painter on silk and fabric, a technique i have taught for several years.

I am also a skilled porcelain painter and a passionate sculptor.

I presented my works in various exhibitions in New York, Miami, London, Milan, Turin, Rome, Vienna, Hamburg, Veneto, Liguria and Trentino -Alto Adige.

I lived in Innsbruck, Paris, Sao Paulo, Singapore and currently I live in Milan.


Last I exhibited in New York “ Unbound Perspectives” in September- October 2020.

- Exhibition “UNBOUND PERSPECTIVES” at NEW YORK at AGORA GALLERY, 26 September – 17 October 2020

- Exhibition “Aspetti dell’Arte Italiana “PRESENTE” at Vittorio Veneto curated by Maurizio Pradella, 10 -6 january 2020

- Selected as artist for the exhibition PARATISSIMA in Milan during the Milan Design Week , 8- 14 april 2019

- Selected through Instagram by the curator of the Art Magazine 1340 ART and subsequently chosen to be published in their     magazine of the month 2019 // Q3.

- Selected for the ARTPROJECT ZUERICH 2019

- Selected for the ARTPROJECT ZUERICH 2019

- Selected as artist for MODERN ART, CMON 2017

- Selected for the ARTPROTAGONIST 2015 exhibition, curated by ARTEFICIOLinea, held at Villa Contarini, Padova,              2015-     2016

- ARTITALY & ARTWORLD exhibition at Monaco, curated by Pamela Cento, artistic director of the Premio Art a Roma,             2014

- LIGHT & SHADOWS exhibition in Milan, 2014

ART ROMA AWARD -Winner in the Arte Visive Primo Step Category -Exhibition curated by Pamela Cent artistic                   director  of the Premio Art a Roma, 2014

- SENTIERI DI PENSIERI exhibition in Vienna, 2014

- LONDON ROYAL ART IN THE WORLD exhibition in London, 2014

- MENTAL ADVENTURES HAMBURG exhibition, curated by Maurizio Pradella from ARTEFICIOLinea, 2014

- COLLEZIONEARTE exhibition in Turin, 2014


All photos and illustrations on this website are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved.
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